quarta-feira, 5 de novembro de 2014

Tonight we dance

It was the most boring moment in my entire life. The teacher didn't end the class even if it passed thirty minutes over the time. The rain fell outside. It was strong a lot.
"you guys can go now and a big hug"
I didn't know how to run to pick a bus in such rain. I stopped at the door of the building. I was looking at the rain, the cars, people running, it was some kind of funny. Then I saw her.
Some happy asian eyes with a monster hair. We exchanged smiles. The invitation appeared in a few seconds. When I entered the car, I was a little bit wet.
"hi, thanks for this"
"oh, nothing. the traffic is horrible, do you mind sleeping at my house? my parents are traveling, by the way"
"no, no, it's okay"
The car was an embarrassing moment. I was very thankful for the ride, but I didn't know how to act regarding sleeping at her place alone. She was smiling. I looked into it. There was a lot of life. I turned on the radio and it was playing shitty music, so I tried to change and I found a station which was playing Singin' In The Rain. We laughed about the rain thing.
We stopped at some fastfood restaurant, we were both hungry. I lost the embarrassed feeling and we talked about everything. We knew each other from a party and from common friends, but never talked to each other directly, actually. I felt attracted to her a little bit.
When we got inside her building, we needed to walk on a corridor without a roof. An idea appeared in my mind at this moment.
"i have an idea, do you care about being without your shoes and remove your tights for a moment? i know it's weird but my idea is really cool"
She was a little bit shy about what I asked, but she took them off and gave me them.
I ran to the other side with my backpack, her tights and shoes, I removed mine too and took it to a safe place and ran to her, again.
"i had an idea when i connected to the Singing In The Rain song and saw this, can we dance in the rain?" 
She gave me her hand and smiled.
We became wet really fast. But we were happy. We danced and I was really bad at dancing. But it didn't matter. If someone saw us doing that, I guess that person would think we were both retards. Nietzsche has said something about it one day: "and those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music".
I didn't know what was happening, but I was happy.
We stopped. We looked into each other's eyes. We smiled (again).
Then, we kissed. I felt like our universes were dancing. I had a lot of butterflies in my stomach.
I was in love.

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